Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just who ARE these people that sleep on railroad tracks?

It has happened again last night, here in Texas - more idiots dead after falling asleep on some train tracks!  Really?  C'mon, people everyone KNOWS that the most relaxing rest comes from sleeping in the street with your head on the curb, right?

Last September, out in Mission Viejo, California a young couple, after a "heavy night of partying" in a nearby park simply fell asleep on the tracks.  Oops, as Governor Perry would say.  Orange County Sheriff's Department investigators said it appears a young man and teenage girl simply fell asleep on the tracks early Thursday before a Los Angeles-bound Metrolink train killed them, scattering body parts for hundreds of feet.  Talk about how that must have looked if you were out walking the dog and Fido comes running up with a foot or something for you to play catch with!  Here, boy - bring me the arm also!  What fun!

This happens a lot, it seems.  Last year in New Orleans two more men were hit on the tracks.  I'm sure it all starts in fun, "HEY, LADY!! Show us those hooters and we will throw ya some beads!"  Then a couple of dozen frozen drinks later it is time to take a nap on some nearby rail, I guess.  Investigators said they received a 911 call from the conductor of an Amtrak train at about 8:20 a.m. Saturday, who said the train had just hit two men who were lying across the tracks near the 8-mile marker on Interstate 59.
One of the victims, described as a 22-year-old man, was found dead at the scene. The other victim, described as a 28-year-old man, was flown to a nearby hospital. 

Such a fun way to go.  I'll have to remember to tell Betty in Cozumel that after we knock down our usual six or eight margaritas, that we should take our nap in the street or somewhere safe.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey, 2012! Seriously?

On this, the 34th day of 2012 I have to say that I am not impressed with you so far.

I even remember a friend of mine posting how he stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve - just to be sure that 2011 would actually end.  Yes, it was that bad of a year.  Dad died last year, along with my favorite uncle, Jim.  Work continued along as it had all  year - less than what I would like it to be as far as "job satisfaction" ratings go.  Maybe that category is over rated.

Anyhow, my blog title reflects what used to be - my flying every week for work - and since about the summer of 2010 that is no longer the case.  So, maybe I will change the title; maybe not - but for now let's just say that I have missed my writing about the travel I used to do for work, missing the Betty and the dogs at home, when I was working in a job that used to be so rewarding.  Now, I work from home and all that implies.  So, as I now sit at this computer and create content for work, my day mostly consists of watching my dogs look out of the window and fight for the prime spot resting on my feet under the keyboard.  Therefore, I will get back to writing this blog and posting about Thoughts from three feet up.

Vascular dementiaThis is 2012's gift to our family thus far along with the death of my favorite Uncle Jim's wife, my Aunt Jo, all in just 34 days.  My sweet mother-in-law, who loves me because I love her daughter now has been officially diagnosed with vascular dementia.  She started "slowing down" and not remembering the usual things last year and it has only continued to get worse.  My Betty is trying her best - and has been trying her best to figure out what is wrong with Mom for months now. 

Trips back and forth to the country to drag her Mom to one doctor after another, worrying all the time, and finally taking over the family's finances now fills her days.  Well, that and also putting up with my BS, which used to be her full time job!  Those of you who know someone with dementia understand how truly heartbreaking this is - watching someone who used to be so happy, and full of life to slowly stop talking at all.  This isn't alzheimer's - she knows who I am and what is going on around her.  But, she just can't talk about it any longer and it can't be fixed, as we say in Texas.  We met the in-laws for dinner last week, and as soon as Mae saw me a BIG smile came over her face, and we hugged a long time.  I know that she is still in there - but dammit, I won't get to hear her tell me about it again.  I have been hesitant to open that last jar of corn chowder that she made just for me because I know that no more jars will be coming.

So, 2012 - listen up!  You had better get your act together and deliver us something good in the next 10 months or we are going to be showing you the door like we did to your older brother, 2011 - and we may not wait for the ball to drop to move on down the road.